Electric Motors & HPU’s

Our Powerpaq range of underwater motors are the latest versions of a product with a track-record of over 25 years in the underwater industry.

The Powerpaq range of fluid filled submersible motors are suitable for either hydraulic power generation or running a variety of water pumps on subsea equipment. The models range from 4 kw to 200 kw shaft power, all motors are 4 pole, 3 phase with operating voltages ranging from 400 – 4160volts.

A wide variety of variable displacement and water pumps can be fitted to the motors to suit client requirements and further options can be provided to include water jacket cooling for operations both in and out of water.

Impaq Technologies recognise that each client has a unique requirement so please contact our engineering team to ensure your specific requirements are achieved to meet the demanding needs of the subsea environment.

Field Proven/Rugged High Reliability

Hydraulic Pump Mounting
The standard motor endplate design is for close-coupling the Kawasaki K3VL or Bosch-Rexroth equivalent pumps to fit without an additional interface, thereby removing one leakage path. Interface kits can be provided to suit various other makes and types of pump. Alternatively, bespoke endcaps can be provided to special-order.

Voltage and Speed
Voltages from 400Vac to 4160V at 60Hz can be provided. Similarly, alternative frequencies can be provided depending on client requirements to suit specific applications.

All motors and HPUs are tested underwater at full-load and rated supply prior to shipment and provided with Calibrated test certificates showing electrical power input and hydraulic power output.

The motors must be filled with suitable oil, and a positive over-pressurisation applied not to exceed 0.5bar above external ambient pressure.

Water Sensors
A simple normally open type of water ingress sensor is fitted at a low point in the motor. Additional sensors can be fitted as optional extras.

Temperature Sensor
As standard a PT100 sensor is fitted to measure motor oil temperature. Additional sensors can be fitted as optional extras.

Electrical Connections
Various Electrical connectors can be fitted with oil filled hose as a further option.

Features & Benefits

New Products…

Designing and manufacturing electrical power motor solutions for the Renewables, Military, Nuclear and Oil & Gas Industries. Our products integrate into Remotely Operated Vehicles, Trenching and many other underwater machines. As the Subsea industry moves to electrification removing hydraulic powered machines the  Impaq Technology team have developed a range of portable electric tooling designed for Diver and ROV use. Introducing the DIVEPAQ, ROVPAQ, FLEXPAQ and LITEPAQ range of products to our existing subsea motor range.

We are passionate about designing and manufacturing electrical power motor and tooling solutions for the subsea industries to help improve environmental and operational performance.

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