Portable underwater electric tools for divers

DivePaq is the new range of portable underwater electric tools offering deepwater, high-performance tools to replace existing hydraulic tooling.

Grinder – DP01

The Divepaq grinder can be used for a variety of subsea tasks and has the below specifications.

  • Capacity 9” / 230mm disk
  • Spindle M16 thread
  • Speed up to 2500rpm
  • Length 740mm
  • Width 320mm
  • Weight air/water 10.5/6kg

Features and Benefits

New Products…

Designing and manufacturing electrical power motor solutions for the Renewables, Military, Nuclear and Oil & Gas Industries. Our products integrate into Remotely Operated Vehicles, Trenching and many other underwater machines. As the Subsea industry moves to electrification removing hydraulic powered machines the  Impaq Technology team have developed a range of portable electric tooling designed for Diver and ROV use. Introducing the DIVEPAQ, ROVPAQ, FLEXPAQ and LITEPAQ range of products to our existing subsea motor range.

We are passionate about designing and manufacturing electrical power motor and tooling solutions for the subsea industries to help improve environmental and operational performance.

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